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Snow Globe Lip Plumping Oil

This Lip Plumping Oil may be our best product yet. Simply give it a good shake to see it turn into a beautiful snowglobe, swirling with glitter, snowflakes, and a bold peppermint scent.


This Lip Oil plumps the lips with raw peppermint oil, which naturally stimulates blood vessels in the lips to give them a full look while keeping them moisturized!



Snow Globe Lip Plumping Oil

$5.00 Regular Price
$4.00Sale Price
    • all of our glosses are hand made and meet FDA regulations for small/artisinal cosmetic businesses
    • 12ml wand tube
    • white cosmetic glitter
    • snowflake decorative cosmetic sequins
    • peppermint fragrance oil
    • made with coconut oil base
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