Pumpkin Pie Lip Plumping Oil

Pumpkin Pie Lip Plumping Oil

Our Pumpkin Pie Lip Plumping Oil is made with natural ingredients that temporarily stimulate the surface of your lips to plump and moisturize them. Because cinnamon oil is used to achieve this affect, you may experience a very light sting or irritation as it does its job! 


This Lip Oil needs to be shaken before use! We NEVER use synthetic ingredients, so the shimmer powder will separate from the pumpkin pie oil in this product. simply give it a good shake to re-combine the colors and see it in all of its glory!


    • all of our glosses are hand made and meet FDA regulations for small/artisinal cosmetic businesses
    • 12ml wand tube
    • orange powder cosmetic pigment 
    • orange cosmetic glitter
    • pumpkin pie fragrance oil
    • cinnamon fragrance oil
    • made with coconut oil base

    • We do not offer returns or refunds for this item, but we strive to keep our glosses top of the line, and we urge you to reach out if you are unhappy with your order so we can make whatever improvements necessary.

    • We do global shipping on all items
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